March 2003
Eastern Europe gathered the best black metal bands in the world...Extreme bands, those who defend the true rules of Black metal, those who invert the holy cross, between them, there is one of the extreme project in Poland, called Thunderbolt, the fist in the face of christian scum... Paimon answers the following questions...

Heilz wolfbrother !!! You have make a perfect release called "Sons of the darkness", it's the pure essence of the True Black metal, with grim passages... What are your influences or inspirations to create this black art ?

Hail Satan! Well, thank you for your opinion concerning the debiut album of Thunderbolt! I can say that my whole life and experiences are the greates inspiration(s) for me to compose such kind of music. Music of Thunderbolt is a reflection of myself, my spirit, my thoughts... This music reflects evil nature of myself and hatred towards christianity and other dirty religions for slaves. Through Thunderbolt I pay homage to the Dark Side.

What are your future projects ?

Very soon, the new album titled "The Burning Deed of Deceit" should be out via Greek ISO666 Releases. Besides, we're preparing the cover-version of mighty Darkthrone's "Transilvanian Hunger", which will be a special bonus track for the vinyl version of "The Burning..." (out in June via Agonia Records). Also Agonia Records will release our MLP from 1997 called "Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty" on vinyl in August.

You don't want to make any comparaison with any other band...So, how do you describe Thunderbolt ?

Well, I can't say that my music is orginal in 100%. Today I see only A FEW really orginal metal bands out there ... In Thunderbolt we are all the fans of the fuckin' metal from 80's and early 90's etc., we are for sure inspired by some bands from those times which were the best times for extreme metal bands, no doubt. But I think also that Thunderbolt has its own spirit, something what makes this band special. We don't copy anyone!

Are you interest by Satanism and Paganism ?

Thunderbolt is pure Satanic black metal band. Black metal must be Satanic! Yes, I feel great respect for the pagan past of our lands, but black metal must be Satanic! In other way, call it pagan metal, heathen metal or...whatever metal, but not black! I'm Satanist and it's my personal way of life and thinking. It's eternal spiritual and physical development and it has nothing in common with this hebrew shit called christianity. Hail Satan!

Do you know the French scene ? Are you in contact with ?

Yeah, I know a lot about the French scene. I think it's very well with bands such like Antaeus, Kristallnacht (ex-Funeral) (rip), Osculum Infame (rip), Arkhon Infaustus, Blessed In Sin, Vlad Tepes, Mutiilation, Seigneur Voland and few others. Yes, I'm in quite regular contact with few persons from the French scene since early 90 and I Hail Them All!

Thunderbolt uses corpsepaints and some icons of black metal art, is it important for you to have this grim app earence ?

It's natural thing for us, because Thunderbolt is pure fucking Satanic black metal! We are not any shitty pop scum, so...

Like South of Europe, christianity have a strong part in our countries... but according to me it's dying slowly, what's your opinion ?

I think christiaity losts its power nowadays, it's going weaker and weaker. More and more blind sheeps turns back from that scum because they see that it's nothing more than bullshit and church is full of false words, the only value for them is power and money. Also a big blow for the present situation of the church are all these affairs concerning the priests who molested kids... I think that the final fall of christian scum is near and we shall drink their blood in the glare of burning churches soon!

Thunderbolt is a true NS band according to me and many wolfbrothers on the true scene... What's your opinion ?

No! Thunderbol is only pure satanic black metal art! We don't want to be connected with any kind of policy. I just support every form of political terror against humans : be it nazism, be it communism...or anything else. I don't care. The plague called humanity must to die in endless pain!

What's is the actual line up of Thunderbolt ?

Paimon : guitars, vocals and (maybe) Christfucker : guitars. Last album I have recorded with help of session musicians, namely Mittloff : drums and Jacek Melnicki : keyboards. It's very difficult to find an adequate persons for Thunderbolt.

About gigs, can we see Thunderbolt in France soon ?

If we'll at last complete the strong line-up for Thunderbolt, we'll invade your country as soon as possible! Hail the French scene!

What is your opinion about the actual BM scene ?

The true black metal with its true values survived only in underground. The evil might from early 90's will never come back. Just look at all these fucking pop "black metal" stars...

Which news about the polish scene (Selbstmord, Othar, etc...) according to me you are the stronger scene in the world with all Slavian Hordes...

Thank you! I think that the best newcomers from Polish scene are Infernal War : just watch them! Besides, we have also some great Unholy Satanic death/black metal hordes such like: Anima Damnata, Witchmaster and Azarath. Check them or die!

Nergal from behemoth have saids : that is it some fucking "Nazi" bands who make bad music and very bad BM in poland (Metallian...) I know behemoth is consider as a traitor in Poland (and in France to...) What can you said about this fucking trendy band ?... (If you want to s aid anything about this...)

Every serious person enganded in black metal movement in Poland just don't care about what he talks about. It's worthless. Now he has nothing in common with the true spirit of black metal. It's sufficient when I'll say that his fans wears Behemoth's shirts in turn of for instance Slipknot shirts hahaha...

Some of wolves from poland are in jail nowaday, do you think that defend our right and culture deserve you must going in jail ?!

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