June 2002
Rotting christ is one of the olders bands on the Black metal scene, those gods of greek Black metal continue to play dark music, then I have questions for them... Costas answers...

Which news about Rotting christ today ? What are your future projects ?

Nowadays we are working on our new album.The recordings just finished..and the outcome it sounds very great.Right after the release date,which it will be at the end of summer,we are starting our tour...in Europe and South America.

Since a few years, Rotting christ had changed his kind of music, more gothic... Why did you have changed ? According to you, is Rotting christ still a black metal band ?

Rotting Christ was and it always be a black metal band.I can say that we changed some much,just influenced our music with some gothic parts.We were always at the metal side and not that much in gothic. Just wait for the new album to see.

In "Thy mighty contract" lyrics use poetry (And it's an excellent album, great !!)... Nowaday you don't uses satanism in your creations, can you explain ?

Through the pass of years people are changing.Starting to think different.in the last 4-5 years we were more into dark feelings and we prefered to write some lyrics about this theme,than using again the satanism as our main influence. In the new album there are some mysticism lyrics...but always in a dark form

I've seen Rotting christ on Gig in Paris, you have played very well on scene, but can we seen Rotting christ again in France?

Thanks for your nice words ,we give our best when we playing live. And be sure that we will be again in France this Autumn for some live shows.

Who are the bands you're in contact with ?

Mainly we Moonspell,Samael etc,...but we are not in contact anymore with many bands,because our schedule is always full with live shows ,recordings and promotion stuff,so we cannot still hold communication with anyone ,except some emails..

Are you interest by the french scene ? If yes, which bands do you like ?

Actually i always listen to Misanthrope ,but i dont know if they are still playing these days...i dont have in mind of any more new French bands..

What are your influences to create music ?

Always the metal music.We are still listening to great bands that were huge in 80 's but we listening to the new stuff too,and as you can imagine everything can influence your music. The great thing is that we still can mix our dark feelings with fast metal rythms..and that s keep us happy.

Thanxx a lot for all your answers, keep the black flame burning forever... Tell us the final words...

Thanks for your time too...keep the black cult alive. Costas (RC)