July 2002
There is a fabulous celtic band in Ireland...called Primordial... Those who perfectly play celtic warrior black metal since many years... Which news about them ? Nemtheanga's words follow...

which news about Primordial today ? What are your future projects ?

The new album Storm before Calm is just out on Dutch Hammerheart records. We are preparing for a few festivals in Europe and then some touring in the Winter. The future ?, we will release our 93 demo on mcd and a live cd/dvd...

Primordial plays exclusively celtic black metal, but don't you like this calling black metal band for Primordial ? Can you explain ?

In the beginning we did not title the music anything, but it is clear we came from the second wave of Black Metal 88-94. We are influenced and inspired by our culture and heritage...if you wish to call this Celtic Black Metal or simply Black metal then that is fine with me. Primordial always has this Black spirit.

Why Primordial doesn't use any corpsepaints ?

We do, I have done since the end of 1992. And still do. so I guess that answers the question ! Warpaint I prefer !

What do you think about the black metal scene today ?

I think the Black metal scene is returning to the underground like Death Metal did some years ago. There are more underground zines and demos around then a few years ago. I am still interested and always will be in the Black Metal scene. Bands such as Watain, Unpure, Funeral Mist, Gospel of the Horns, Vomitor, Antaeus, Secrets of the Moon etc. keep the old spirit alive I think.

Are you in contact with others bands ? If yes, who are they ?

Sure, many many bands...from underground bands like Spear of Longinus or Winds of the Black Mountains to bands like Kreator and Candlemass etc.

Do you know the French Black metal scene ? What do you think about ?

I think the French Black metal scene is becoming more xtreme over the last few years. I know as I mentioned above Antaeus, also Arkhon Infaustus, Mutiilation, Bran Barr, and a few others as well.

According to you what is the difference between Primordial and others BM bands ?

We simply do our own thing, we dont care about boundaries or scene trends. We have been playing for many years and staying true to the reasons why we began to play...making pure and passionate music. We please ourselves before anything else.

Can we see Primordial on gig in france soon ?

Perhaps ?, who knows, in the Autumn or the Winter you may see us again ?.

Are there others Black metal bands in your country ?

not really. There was some Black metal bands who attempted something back in 1993 - 4 but only Primordial is left standing from those days !. Everything else here is pretty childish and naive.

Thanxx a lot for all your answers... Tell us the last word... Keep the black flame burning...

Sure. Greetings to French warriors.... Nemtheanga