July 2002
From the dark lands of Sweden, there is a extreme Black metal band who plays strong and morbid art... Maybe the worst Black metal band in Sweden... Which news about Nastrond today ? Karl answers shortly but clearly...

Since nearly 5 years, we haven't any news from Nastrond, what is the reason ? Is the band R.I.P. ?

No, the band is not dead, or it refuses to die. We have still unreleased material which will come to reality.

Can you explain what "Toteslaut" says ?

Much of Toteslaut is of a different world, and was made in 94-95, still the album has earned alot of interest, still today. The album dealt maninly with the subject of the mythos, and in this case the question of life and death.

Nastrond uses very aggressive and bloody lyrics, what are your inspirations ?

That is correct, as well as occult. There is a value in the force of chock, still it would be recognized as such and as a portrait of the subjects of transforming into death.

Sweden is full of agressives bands (Naglfar, marduk, dark funeral...) are you in contact with these bands ?

No, I have not been for several years, and I do not listen to any of them.

Do you know Black metal bands from the french scene ? And what do you think about the french scene ?

I really have no idea, as I am "out" of that information.

What do you think about acts against christianity (churchburning, priest murdering...)?

I think I have a more sensible view upon this, I can not accept the sort of violence without clear direction. As to churchburnings, this goes against the importance of national and cultural heritage, which is more important than any sort of critical comment of that sort. It is really the root that is the bad thing, and the root connects with the three-fold tree of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, which should be recognized as the enemy of western civilization.


Nastrond doesn't play live, is it due to the surrounding you create, impossible to reproduce on gig ? or you simply don't want to play live ?

Right now, we do not have any possibility as we are totaly based on a different form, we do not perform in that sense.

Can you explain these words "Agni hotri" ?

Agni Hotri is the foundation of Nastrond, or the workers of fire, as flame of knowledge.

Nastrond uses "totenkopf" on his website and others, what is the reason ?

The Totenkopf, are a symbol that we have used since the beginning, mainly as a symbol of loyalty even unto death.

Thanxx a lot for all your answers Karl...