September 2002
Poland... Morbid lanscapes, with a band who spreads hate and war... These guys don't make a game, just a pure war with ultra violent and fast Black metal... those who defends the true rules... With their fabulous agressive release "Infernal SS"...They are called Infernal War...

Can you present Infernal War and all his members...

The band was founded in august of 1997 by Pawel-the drummer and the guitarist Jerzy. Since the very begining we have been playing music which is unacceptable to common people. The begining was hard as we had problems to find siutable persons (both musically and ideologically) but we were rehearsing (under the name Quintus) as duo and so first tracks were written. About half year later we change the band's name to Infernal SS and finally to Infernal War (this name sounds better and is more suitable for our band). At the same time vocalist Pawel joined the horde. He had been singing in Inferal War for over 1,5 year (recorded vocals on our demo and "Infernal SS" MCD) but his technical abilities were not good enough so he has to leave the band. Soon after recording of mentioned MCD second guitarist, bassist and new vocalist joined Infernal War. Present line-up is very strong, both live and in studio. Now the band's working on new songs that will be faster and more technical.

Tell us about your MCD "Infernal SS"...

The mcd contains 6 of uncopromising Black Metal and a cover song of Mayhem's "Chainsaw gutsfuck". This mcd is an iron kick in every judeo-christian face!


According to you, do you think a Black metal band must be misanthropic and xenophobic ? Do you think the hatred about christiannity and weakness still be our fight and what do you think about churchburning ?

For us Black Metal is cult of violence and superiority. Are we misanthropists? It depends on how do you consider misanthrophy. We hate 99% of world's population because of its weakness and blindness but we're not pathetic assholes that call themselves misathropists because of their inferiority complex. We wouldn't call ourselves misanthropists, we are proud warriors walking the Overman's path. We stand in opposition not only towads christianity but towards whole degenerated world. Churchburning is ok.

Infernal War plays ultra fast and brutal black metal, what are your inspirations ?

There are a lot of bands that inspire us but there's no point in enumerating all of them. Mostly we listen to old bands because today's scene, with a few exceptions, is total crap.


What about the Polish scene today ?

Today Polish scene is in good condition, but there is a lot of shit in it too.

Do you know the French scene ? Are you in contact with ?

Yes, we know the French scene well. There are some very good bands such as Kristallnacht, Seth and Seigneur Voland. But I think French scene was stronger a few years ago with bands like Bekhira, Vlad Tepes or mighty Osculum Infame.

Is anyone in Infernal War plays in others bands (I've heard you gathered members from Honor...)

None of Honor's members plays in Infernal War, but some Infernal War's members plays in Honor! Besides we have some projects you may hear about sooner or later, but Infernal War is absolute priority.

Explain what these words tell you : Satan - Paganism - christianity...

Satan - a symbol of rebellion and antichristian attitude.
Paganism - personification of nature's eternal laws, roots of our culture and tradition desecrated by filthy christian pigs.
Christianity - propably the biggest plague in the history of mankind.

Actually, the Eastern scene is the stronger (according to me...), more than the actual Norwegian scene, according to you, why ?

There is no scene in Norway, it died a few yars ago but some good bands like Carpathian Forest and Darkthrone remained. Eastern scene is strong because people in it treat BM very serious and are not fucking money-makers like today's Norwegian "scene".

According to me, war is sacred for many Eastern BM bands, if you had a message to tell what is it ?...

Spread antijudeo-christian terror!!!

When can we see Infernal War on gig in France ? Some wolves await the horde...

We would play in France eagerly, our demands are standard - repayment (cost of journey), accomodation for the night - that's all. So, we await your invitation.

Thanxx a lot for all your answers, keep the black flame of hate burning forever... Tell us the final word of this interview....

Thanks for the interview. Support true black metal !!!