October 2002
There are three christians predators come from Asia... This extreme and brutal combo uses weapons to destroy christian weakness, and his first extreme weapon is his true Black/death metal from Singapore... Shyaithan engaged the fight...

Hail Shyaithan, which news about Impiety today ? What are your future projects ?

Ave Sorgoth! This week, we've just only released our 3rd christdestroying opus, Kaos Kommand 696! We're are gearing up to tour and destroy Asia in the coming months.

Since few years Impiety plays more satanic fast death metal than Black metal, the cause is according to me more loud riffs, and death metal vocals...

I think only our debut 'Asateerul Awaleen' in 95 was purely in traditional blackmetal vein...We started out playing fast barbaric satanic blackdeath and we've always been executing our war anthems in that similar vein. And today, it's just gotten more bizarre, kaotik and hellish altogether!!

What about your hatred between Impiety and the Norwegian scene today ? Because in your first release "Iblis exelsi / Salve the goat" you said you piss on Norwegian clowns... Can you explain ?

Why we had that statement at the back of our Ep has always clear! You see, back in 92 when Mortiss was in EMPEROR and they just released their demo "Wrath of the Tyrant", I wrote to them and asked if we could trade demos. Mortiss who was handling the mail agreed and we did an exchange of demos. But when Mortiss sent us their demo tape, he included some very amusing remarks calling us "Niggers" and that "Asian/Niggers SHOULD NOT be playing BlackMetal at all" and he also remarked "All shall bow before my elite race". We were fucking enraged and wrote back in retaliation with a shitload of profanity! Mortiss was just a fucking 17yr old fuckhead at that time and were amazed at what a cunt he was! That statement was proudly displayed on the back of the "Salve the Goat.." 7" EP as a clear warning that we donot take racial comments and verbal stupidity lightly!! It was targeted at all those new generation hillbilly BlackMetallers who talk too much about race and who only sing about their stupid aryan heritage! If ever we bump into this fucking Pinnochio More-piss, I won't hesitate or think twice about kicking his face in!! Anyway, that was then..but like I said, IMPIETY won't take shit lightly and especially if it comes from these stupid forest wankers and farmboys who think they came into existence before BATHORY, VENOM or SODOM and who think they know so much about BlackfuckingMetal. Anyway, we still hunt down this ugly 'white' bitch..and are ready to kill him!

What about the Asian scene today ?

The Asian hellmetal underworld is much better then it was 10 years ago. Today, it boasts many great black/death/thrash metal bands, fanzines, labels, and extreme fans! Diabolical regiments everyone should check out are SURRENDER OF DIVINITY (thailand), NEUROTIC OF GODS(Indonesia), ISTIDRAJ (Singapore), DOXOMEDON (S'pore), DEMONIFICATION (S'pore), NECROTIC CHAOS (Malaysia), BILHARZIA (Malaysia), MANTAK (Malaysia), KORIHOR (Philippines),etc. It's best to go to the informative South East Asian Metal Force at http://members.tripod.com/~seametalforce/ This website provides you up-to-date information you need to know about the infernal oriental underworld!

Do you know the French scene ? Are you in contact with ?

Yes, we're in touch with many great French legions like Cyril and DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS, Herve and OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS, Jean & INFERNAL WAVES PRODUCTIONS, MkM & ANTAEUS, Thomas TND & MALICIOUS SECRETS, Torturer & ARKHON INFAUSTUS, Franck & CELESTIA, Willy & MUTIILATION, Carnage & HELLFIRE Zine, etc,etc.....

Can you devellop your next release, what about this ?

Well time will tell but for now we are working on a few new songs already.

Explain what these words tell you : Satan - Paganism - christianity...

Satan - I am, We are, He is...And under His command, we battle proud

Paganism - heathens around the globe should unite and destroy god fearing mortals instead of adoring fucking nature and amusing the intelligent world with childish, IQless, racial stupidity!

Christianity - along with Judaism, these 2 are the most pathetic religion created by weak humans!

Before, you have using corpsepaints and now you don't, what's the reason ?

The three of us decided not to use warpaint again...but that doesn't change the fact that we already look demonic in reality. Image may be important to every extreme black/death metal outfit but top priority should ALWAYS be the musick. And likewise, we let our barbaric infernal anthems of desecration prove more to you than what meets the eye.

Is christiannity have a strong part in your country or not ? explain please...

Yes, Christianity is the number one disease here in Singapore. 70% of the population are peace loving christians!! Too many swines of christ that need to be mercilessly slaughtered! The blood of these cunts shall continue to flow endless as long as IMPIETY in reign and in power!

Thanxx a lot for all your answers, keep the black flame of hate burning forever... Tell me the final word of this interview...

Impious Appreciations for this interview Baron Sorgoth! Bleed, Fuck and Krush your Skull to the blazing blasphemies of IMPIETY's new Kaos Kommand 696!!

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