February 2003
From colds Finnish lanscapes, comes Horna... With a true Evil devotion, these band create the new order of chaos and blasphemy... Only unpure and unblessed creations for the ultimate Evil... Shatraug answers to my question with hate... Not for the trends...not for the weaks... Horna burns the holy cross... Tappakaa kristityt !!!!!

Heilz Shatraug !! In first can you tell us the news about the band and your future projects ?

Heil... The news are that Horna is preparing a new MiniCD and some vinyl releases, among which is the Horna/Behexen split MiniLP. You can all check out our website for the latest news if you care a bit... In the future we also hope to find a new bassist to permanently fill our ranks, the latest comrade turned out traitor not only to us, but also to the ideals of Black Metal. Still looking for a replacement...

Horna is one of those who keep the black flame of black metal burning... You still using corpsepaints, weapons, thorns and others... Can you explain please ?

What is there to explain? We live the tradition, bind with devotion to what we do. Itīs not just about corpsepaint, weapons or anything like that, itīs purely Black Metal that lives on. The satanic possession will never be extinguished from this heart... We are on the field where many turn traitors, many abandon their ideals for fame and fortune. We stand beside the art.

You use satanic and occult lyrics, is it, for you, the true essence of Black metal, using your own finnish language is important for you ?

Yes, this is the ONLY essence there is in Black Metal, everything else is just "music" having a faint resemblance to our atrocious kult. It doesn't matter what language we use, the quintessence of malign is still present, with every breath and heart-beat. It canīt be taught, it has to be realized...

What is your opinion about the Finnish scene today ?

Negative to the biggest approach, yet, there are talented bands like Calvarium, Noenum, Baptism, Kadotus, Vornat, Sargeist and Torturium... Not to mention those which are more established in our alliance: Behexen, Musta Surma, Clandestine Blaze and Satanic Warmaster... There is some unity and dignity left on this rotten soil as well.

Do you know Black metal bands from the French scene (Haemoth, Blessed in sin, etc... )?
And what do you think about...

Ah, I know a lot bands from France and to me the French scene offers perhaps the best Black Metal existing... Bands like Chemin de Haine, SVEST, Cantus Bestiae, Mütiilation, Vlad Tepes, Black Murder, Inkisitor, Temple Of Baal... etc... etc...
Hail to the true French scene!

What do you think about acts against christianity (churchburning, priest murdering...)?

If you are driven with the darkness of human nature, this is the only logical terror to imply upon the frail human beings. Terrorize the feeble... I support it to the fullest extent. I may not be one to condone these acts myself but it can't be predicted. As I have beaten the traitorous ex-member, taught him like a dog... so do I treat mine enemies...

Do you want to make gigs in France, and whose bands do you want to play with ?

On the last European tour we were supposed to play in France as well yet it never happened... I would gladly play there with any devoted French maniacs.

Do you agree if I said Horna is a "true black metal" band ?

I agree if people think that way yet I am not the one to decide it. If we are honored with such "title", I accept it. We are true to ourselves and that is all what matters.

Is anyone in Horna plays in other bands ?

Yes. I am a member of Sargeist, Corvus is a member of Korgonthurus. There exist some other projects but not real bands...

Are you interested by the Black scene from eastern Europe (Graveland, Nokturnal Mortum, Veles, etc...)

To some extent yes. I like most of what I heard from the Eastern regions yet there are shit bands as well... Nokturnal Mortum is one of the best, together with Temnozor, Dub Buk, Hate Forest and Lucifugum.

Thanxx a lot for all your answers, keep the black flame burning forever... Tell us the last word...

Satanic Black Devotion.

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