June 2002
Brutality comes from Holland, by extreme fighters and extreme musicians like God Dethroned... Which news about them ? After their last release "Ravenous", Arien answers my questions...

which news about God dethroned today ? >What are your future projects ?

We're going into the studio in October to record the new album.

God dethroned plays fast satanic and brutal black/death metal, why don't you make more shows on gig ? When can we see you in france ?

Well, probabely we'll do more shows when the new record is finished. I'd like to play more shows myself..... After releasing the new album we'll probabely play on the no mercy tour and we'll be coming in France, I believe.

Why God dethroned doesn't use any corpsepaints ?

We don't want to.

What do you think about the black metal scene today ? According to you, here are so much trends in the scene who want to be evil ?

To speak for myself, I prefer deathmetal, so I am not really familiar with the developments in the blackmetal scene...

Are you in contact with others bands ? If yes, who are they ?

Of course the bands on our label, like Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth, The Crown, and in our own country we know Severe torture, Mangled, Occult, Callenish Circle.....

Do you know the French Black metal scene ? What do you think about ?

I don't know about the French underground, I'm sorry

Explain these words : Satan - Honor - christ

Well, it's hard to explain, it doesn't mean much to me

Nowaday God dethroned plays more "heavy" than loud metal, what's the reason ?

Well, it's surprising you mention this, and I agree that Ravenous sounds heavier than the previous albums. I don't think this was done on purpose, but it just turned out that way.

Do you think you have found the best line-up since few years ?

Well, I think yes, according to the other guys in the band. They're very enthousiastic and it feels right: personaly and musically.

Thanxx a lot for all your answers, keep the black flame >burning forever... Tell us the last word...

Hope you all like the upcoming record and hope to see you all on tour next year!!!