July 2002
Underground Black metal is still alive ! I'm glad to have some answers from Denial of God who defends the true rules of Black metal... No trends are accepted here, Black metal is for the strongers, Ustumallagam prove it...

Which news about Denial Of God today ? What are your future projects ?

Not much news from here. The "The crypt has eyes" picture disc version should be out in 110 copies as I write this and a LP/CD with our two first demos on will be out soon on AIDS Productions (Sweden) soon. I guess that's it. Right now, we are trying to finish working on the material for the full length album which will be entitled "The horrors of Satan" (Painkiller Records). We have some drummer problems too, which we'll soon have to solve too, so there's enough to do as it's hard to find dedicated people for a band in this shit country.

Denial of god plays "Black Horror metal", according to you, what is the difference between D.O.G. and others black metal bands ?

Yes, we don't want to have much to do with the so-called Black Metal scene these days anyway, as it's just ruined by kids. The serious bands out there know that we are spiritually connected anyway. We are Black Metal, but we are also more than that, so I think that's a very fitting way to explain it. Real Black Metal will forever be a cult, but what's out there today is often just a bad joke. I don't want to be put in the same category as shitty Black Metal bands run by kids worshipping Dimmu Borgir and who know nothing about the music they play and have no music history.

"The ghouls of DOG" uses dark symphonies and very gloomy surrounding... Do you want to continue in this way ?

I really wonder why people go on asking so much about that mini album as it 's fucking six years old by now. We've done several releases since that, so people should start to know that we actually still use the same sinister atmosphere in our music. We always do it as gloomy as possible and that's no problem to keep on doing as it's just a natural thing for us. We'll rather split up than changing or to put it straight; wimp out.

What do you think about the actual scene ? Do you think Black metal is a fashion for some persons ?

I don't give a shit about the actual scene. It's based on children who have nothing better to do than forming a shitty so-called Black Metal band. Rich kids with too much time in their hands. Fuck them. The underground is as good as dead by now. It started to die for good when the internet arrived as now every idiot around the globe has access to all the bands, whereas in the past you had at least to get flyers etc. to enter the underground. It has become far too easy for every normal guy to enter what once was so fucking great. Don't get me wrong, emails and internet are great things, but certainly not in this case. Far too many kids just worship Black Metal because it's "extreme" and "different" and they can impress their girlfriends that way and I don't give a fuck about that. I can't wait for them to change into something different when the next shitty trend wave arrives.

In the past, there are some acts against the churches and christianity, what's your opinion about ?

I don't want to comment too much on such matters in a mag or a webzine, but admit I think it's great despite I don't think it will do too much for the cause. I mean, nobody stops being Christian just because you desecrate their church, but of course still it's a good thing. A lot of churches and cemeteries in Denmark were desecrated too, but you mostly heard about the cases in Norway and Sweden for some reason. I support these actions and am pretty sure when I say it's not over yet.

What are your inspirations, where are they come from ?

Musically we are inspired by bands like Venom, (old) Mayhem, Mercyful Fate, Hellhammer, Infernäl Mäjesty and a few others. The rest of the inspiration simply comes from our sick minds. We watch lots of horror movies and read lots of occult and fictional horror books and I guess that gives some inspiration for the lyrics too. A song like "The curse of the witch" is written out of pure imaginaton, while a song like "The book of Ouifael" is based on a book.

Who are the bands you're in contact with ?

Hm, we have lots of great brothers around the globe. Some of them are Watain, Victimizer, Kill, Impiety (I just did some guest vocals for their new album), Grand Belial's Key, Arghoslent, Nunslaughter, Forefather, Levifer, Blood Thirsty Demons, Crypthowl, Impaler, Posthumous, Unholy Massacre, Morcrof and many others. We hail them for their support.

I've seen in the booklet of Blessed in Sin (Par le sang du christ) a hail for D.O.G.by Blackchrist (Heil brother !!), do you know B.I.S. ? What do you think about the french scene ?

No, I haven't seen that particular booklet, but I know that Blessed In Sin are into Denial Of God as I read that in an interview once. Hail to them. I don't know their music well as I've only heard one track or so once on a compilation tape. I know quite a lot of names from France, but often I don't bother much to go investigate them as the scene of today sucks badly. Some of the stuff I receive to review in Tornado Magazine is directly embarrassing. You used to have some really cool bands in the past like Blaspheme, Morsüre, Satan Jokers etc., but today it seems like most of it is based on NSBM and I find that pretty stupid as I don't think it's possible to mix political ideologies with Black Metal. I mean, this is not fucking Hardcore music. Bands are always free to send in their stuff for a honest review and a free copy of my mag though.

we see D.O.G. on gig in France ?

We'd die to play everywhere, but first we'll have to solve the line-up problem we suffer at the moment. But when that is done, you'll never know.

Thanx for the interview. See you all on the cemetery!

Thank you so much Ustumallagam for all your answers, between the dead we are...
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