November 2002
Dark Blaze Stronghold is now closing down, but His foundator Syrragh have accepted to answer to questions about Polish distribution, and some news about the strong Polish scene... Strong questions follow... Shed the blood...

Can you present Dark blaze stronghold...

Dark Blaze Stronghold is common name of all our activities in the war against judeo-christianity and liberalism. Starting from Dark Blaze 'zine, which gained a lot respect and recognition to itself and, in some way, influenced present scene, I got many contacts within Underground and gain some items overcounting my needs... This situation gave birth to the Dark Blaze Distribution, which have one of the lowest prices around. Dark Blaze Graphics prepares layout of the demo inlay-cards, flyers, etc. and takes care of printing it fully professionally. The best examples of my abilities are layouts of Infernal War MCD booklet and, of course, all issues of Dark Blaze 'Zine. Dark Blaze Press is the last chamber in The Stronghold by the present time. For now it can offer only Dark Blaze 'zine, On the Polish territory we can also offer Megalucyfers, the one and only magazine mocking the present trend and stupidity in underground (maybe someday it will be edited in English version also).

Who are the bands you produce or you're in professionnal contact with...

There were just 2 bands I released: Galgenberg and Infernal War. There are really not many other worth of my attention. Of course I am in personal (not professional!) contact with the elite of Polish bands like Thor's Hammer, Othar, Veles.

What about the Polish scene today ?

Nothing new.

What are your projects for the coming year ?

Closing down the distro, further development of publishing part, more articles, more work, more fight.

When you have made "dark blaze stronghold", What was your idea at the beginning ?

Dark Blaze started as a zine. And the most important idea was to spread the notoriety of Polish underground through propaganda. I managed to continue it till now.

Do you know the French scene ? Are you in contact with ?

Yes, I do. Musically the best part of French scene were Black Legions, esp. Vlad Tepes. This band is one of my all time favourites. I am in contact with L from Kristallnacht.

Who are for you the actuals best bands ?...


What do you think about bands like Behemoth or Xantotol (according to me RIP)

Behemoth - anyone who is interested in real Black Metal should have already had his oppinion about this band.
Xantotol (RIP) Venom, the leader, once have very solid knowledge and right views yet he is not on scene for a long time.

Do you have some news from Othar or Fullmoon members, after their demos, we can't hear about them...

I met Necro and Diathyron in summer. They are preparing new materials, which, as they promise, will be better than ever.

According to me, war is sacred for many Eastern BM bands and warriors, if you had a message to tell what is it ?...

Never compromise, be honest with yourself and don't pretend somebody you are not. Die, anyway.

Do you want to make gigs of some bands you produce ?...

Not really, if so just for a few chosen people, I do not want to see any trendy assholes around.

Thanxx a lot for all your answers Syrragh, keep the black flame of hate burning forever... Tell me the final word of this interview...

The end hangs on the cross we are the beginning!