October 2002
As I said in mostly chronicles, Sweden is the cradle of Black metal brutality... Blodsrit prove it strongly, with furious thoughts and furious black art... After their French tour, Nazgul explain this true and justified agressivity...

Hail Nazgul, in first, can you tell us about your tour with Nehemah, Crystalium and others bands you have played with in France...

Grim Hails!!! Yes, we got the opportunity to do the french tour with Crystalium and Nehemah due to the fact that we were ready to record our new album, and since Adipocere arranged a recordingsession in studio Andromede in France to record we took to opportunity to join the tour when we were asked to. In my opinion I think that it was a very great tour with mostly good nights of unholy black metal, and as well I felt that we got along well with the other bands (HAIL CRYSTALIUM, BROTHERS OF WAR) that was on the tour.

What can you tell about you new release and present members from Blodsrit ?

Our new release will be entitled "Ocularis Infernum" and contains 9 tracks of supreme black metal without nice harmonies, female moans and synthesizers. Also the first 1000 copies will be a limited release that will contain a coverversion of Darkthrone's "transilvanian hunger" song. The release is scheduled to take place in January 2003. The current members of the Blodsrit has in a way changed very little throughout the years. In the beginning Blodsrit was a project that I did mostly for my own personal pleasure, but since I grew tired of the boring sound of the drummachine i decided to recruit Fiebig on drums. I have known him for the last 10 years or so and knew that he was very skilled and had the style of drumming I was looking for. To complete the line-up even more after the recording of the promo "Secrets Unveiled" we decided to let Saphanoz take care of the bassplaying, and it has been working out extremely well. When we got asked to join the tour we also felt that in order to get a more powerful sound on stage we needed a 2nd guitarplayer, thus Emil was asked to join as a session-member. Maybe in time he will recieve a more permanent position within the band.

According to me, Blodsrit plays agressive and fast black metal, according to you what is the difference between Blodsrit and others Black metal bands ?

Honestly I think that Blodsrit has a style that is very original. Of course influences can be heard within the music we create, but generally I personally feel that we have found a sound that canīt really be compared to any other bands. Some referral points can be drawn to older bands and their styles, but we do not sound like a rip-off of any other existing band, at least that is my opinion and many others have told us they share the same feeling towards the music that we create.

I think it is important to you to be "disguised" by corpsepaint, inverted crosses and others satanics icons, can you develop ?

Using attributes such as spikes, leather, corpse-paint and inverted crosses is a way to enhance the spirit of black metal even more, and especially during liveshows and imagery. Black metal is a grim and raw style of music, and if you would play this kind of music wearing jogginsuites, nice haircuts and look "normal" then the whole idea of black metal would fail miserably. Liveshows should be a feast in the purest form of blasphemy for the eye as well as the ear.

Blodsrit uses Satanic ans antichristians subjects, what are your inspirations to create...

We are purely antichristian to body and soul, and that it self contributes to our creative force. Also our northern history of the heathen times before christianity holds a big part of out inspirations. Also our inspiration comes from subjects dealing with suicidal thoughts, moments of despair and solitude, historical events of war between of pagan ancestors and christian scum. Many things in daily life can be twisted into dark melancholy thoughts and visions to be embodied within lyrics or musical creations.

Do you have an opinion about acts against christianity or you simply don't care about this ?

We support all forms of actions against christianity. Every harm that is done towards the christian soul and spirit makes them more aware that there are existing forces that can bring them harm and destruction. They are slaves under their own minds and if they are aware of the antichristian movement they will eventually not be safe even in their own churches. And that is a positive thing. Let all forms of religious beliefs and building perish in antichristian fires!

Do you know the French BM scene, and are you in contact with French bands ?

We have almost no knowledge about the French BM scene at all, and the only band we currently are in contact with at the moment is Crystalium, a truly great band!!!

What do you think about the actual BM scene ?

Personally I feel that the BM scene has had its golden years and they are long gone. But maybe times are changing. More and more bands fade away from the BM they once stated to be so dedicated to and that might bring at least some of the glory back into the scene that have been so infected with filth the last copule of years. Nothing but time will tell, but the future seem to grow strenght into the scene once again.

Which news about the swedish scene ? are you in contact with bands from your country ?

The Swedish scen has always been strong and absolutely one of the best in the world, and I have no doubt that this still has not changed. I am personally not in contact with many people at all. I have no strenght or motivation, but we are in contact with a few of the Swedish bands, no names mentioned and no forgotten.

What's your opinion about these words : Satan - christ - Pagan

Satan: Is for me the referral name of the dark powers and hatred that are breathing underneath the surface of all living forms and truly exists upon this planet. A united movement dedicated to bring death, chaos and misery upon those who seeks nothing but love and understanding. A force that eventually will bring this world to its knees and end everything once and for all.

Christ: The embodiment of stupidity. A symbol of the human weakness and the need for some to believe that something greater is waiting after death to be able to live and breath their daily lives on their own. Mindless feeble slaves of Christ... A flock of sheep that probably would commit suicide without their pipedreams of a "divine heavenly kingdom".

Pagan: Our whole national history is pagan, and it holds a big part of our lives! My heart and soul is purely Pagan as well as my ancestral heritage and we all take huge pride in this! HAIL THE PAGAN LANDS!!!!!!

Is any member from Blodsrit plays in others combos ?

Yes a few of us are involved in one way or another in other bands. Our drummer is also in PORTAL, CARVE & PAGANIZER. The bassplayer has a place in PRIMITIVE SYMPHONY, and I myself have some involvement in a band called WRATH.

Thanxx a lot Nazgul for all your answers, you can give us the last words of this interview...Hail to Blodsrit !

Behold! The world is dying and humantiy is its disease.. Thanks for shown interest in BLODSRIT and keep your eyes open for our new album "OCULARIS INFERNUM" when it is unleahed upon the feeble human masses... HELL REX SATHANAS!