June 2002
Astarte... Beauty, leather and darkness are coming... From the Hellenic scene... I've some questions for the Godess of these dark and strong art... Tristessa answers, with a very strong natured...
Which news about Astarte today ? What are your future projects ?

Besides the fact that we just released our new album "Quod Superius, Sicut Inferius" , well right now we are giving interviews and making the promotion and communication. This will take us some months. After that we will participate on a tribute to Celtic Frost. Many other great bands will participate on this tribute like, Dimmu Borgir, MardukŠ Apart from those future plans we will start the composition of new material and tracks and some rehearsals.

According to you, do you think a Black metal band must be misanthropic and xenophobic ? Do you think the hatred about christiannity and weakness still be our fight and what do you think about churchburning ?

I never answer on such questions. First there is no "must" in music and in nowhere else in my life. Second I feel out of all these words and consepts that you apply to my. Art is not a demonstration of all these weak and cheap words. Music for us is beyond all these. We communicate on things that we know that we can share and messages that we believe and we know that others can follow. Very important it is to say that we respect all opinions and trends and we never get involved on such issues. Free spirit and will to share and to communicate through music. This is our will and aim.

Astarte gathered women exclusively, Is it a trouble for you in the BM scene ? I think it's great to create this evil music, and astarte is on the top, on the hellenic scene...

I will make a correction to your answer. Astarte are not the top on the Hellenic scene. People here do not accept us. We are top out of our country and especially the fact that we are females and that we have proven that we have the real guts to play, this makes us real unique in foreign countries. Imagine only that in German, there is a guy called Timo Wurz that has create a series issues of comics inspired and referred to ASTARTE> this comic has several imaginary adventures. Now I will admit that through our 7-year action in BM scene, I can say that there is a trouble for some others to exist a female band into the male dominion. Year by year, people seem to like us more. There is no a big deal to take a guitar and bass and to make some notes!! All it needs is passion and imagination. We all have see women go to conservatories and play much more difficult instruments than bass and guitar!! Don't you have see any!??

What about the Greek scene today ?

I am quite out of our scene. My interest is concentrated more outside of here. But as I can observe from artistic point of view we have some bands like On Thorns I Lay, Chaostar, Septic Flesh , Rotting ChristŠ that are real representing the powerness of our Hellenic Black Metal Scene.

Do you know the French scene ? Are you in contact with ?

I am more in contact with zines and underground scene and many many fans!!!! Mostly I have contact with fanzines!! I adore your country and if we ever play live you will be the top of our preference to play!!!!

Can we see Astarte in France for gigs soon ?

Oups I think that I just gave you a small part of this answer!! But about playing on that time, well this will be difficult because we still have problems with our drummer. We can not find a steady one to follow us on such tours and trips!! We also will need another person for synths. It is real difficult if there are no steady members to organize rehearsals and lives abroad!! We are desperate!! Everyone willing to play to us he is welcome!!

Explain what these words tell you : Satan - Paganism - christianity...

No!! I will not explain you!! I have not read my leson!! But I only can say that Paganism is a very strong element that runs on Astartešs Blood!! The other two are unknown to us!!

In your first album, Astarte uses corpsepaints, and now you don't... Can you explain ?

We truly have change image. Every time we release a new material we have this tendency to change behaviour and image. We share new things new ideas and we create new atmosphere. Do not forget that besides music evolution, there is a free trend for the artists to behave FREE and try to attract attention by either extreme looks or more sexy ones. This time we came close to a sexier image, the one that really exist in our every day lives and represents our real persons!

What's your God represents for you ? Can you name him ?

God!?? This word is irrelevant with the music and art!! Is this a music magazine?? Or a religious one!! Heheh!! Jocking!

Thank you so much Tristessa for all your answers, may Astarte continues to create ...

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17673 GREECE